Interactive 3D Viewer Interfaces for Virtual Museum Artefacts

An Interactions Gallery exhibit at the 2022 BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference at Keele University, UK.

The Virtual Cuneiform Tablet Reconstruction Project was inspired by the ambition to support virtual access to cuneiform artefacts and to reconstruct cuneiform tablets by joining virtual fragments together. Original research for an interactive 3D viewer interface for virtual museum artefacts was presented at the 2017 BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference at Sunderland University. An interactive exhibit demonstrating this work was invited.

Interactive Virtual Reconstruction
Interactive Viewer V1
Created for the 2017 BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference Interactions Gallery, demonstrating an interactive online 3D virtual reconstruction environment.
Interactive Viewer V2
The original viewer allowed the fragments to overlap making joining difficult to verify. Collision detection was added for version 2.
Interactive Viewer V3
Version 3 added lighting controls and the option to disable collision detection.
AR Museum
Investigating virtual museum ‘takeouts’ and DIY exhibitions led to the development of a demonstrator AR app for museum artefacts.
A variant on the 3D viewer allowing users to learn how virtual 3D models are stored and processed.
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Another iteration developed during the 2021 Google Summer of Code for adding 3D viewing to the international Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).